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My main goal is to do a 360 video and audio recording and then ad sound sources with a reverb that is coherent with the space.
Knowing that I can make an ambisonic IR of the speaker placed at the right position of the panned mono source, must be my primary focus after getting into the complexity of this problem.
Ambi Verb and Wwise Convolution lets you import a 4 channel ambisonic IR recording. Regarding panning a sound source in the entire sphere it seems to be the course of action to use one IR and trust that the localization information from the direct sound source will overshadow the mismatch with the spatial reverb.
AudioEase is offering a set of ambisonic reverbs in their 360 pan suite, but I just thought it would be great to enhance the realism with the correct reverb information.
I have also heard of examples where you can re-render the IR using a decoder plugin and then do a soundfield rotation and process the next mono sound source at the new position. And that some are blurring the localization of the direct sound if it clashes with the reverb.
Is it possible at all to create a 16 channel IR file and use it with a 360 panner in any software today?

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