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Default "Support for Retina displays on Mac"?

I found this thread that seems to indicate automatic graphics resizing capability in iPlug for Retina displays:

I have created @2x files for all of my plugin graphics; added them in the Xcode build IMG list and added IPLUG_RETINA_SUPPORT to Preprocessor Macros in Build Settings. It compiles without error and loads in Logic but does NOT change to the 2x sizes when I switch to HIDPI monitor mode (using Quartz Debug).

Are there other settings and/or steps required for this iPlug feature to automatically detect Retina displays - or does it not work?

Also, why does "HiDPI" mode using Quartz Debug (for Retina compatibility testing) make the screen display LARGER rather than smaller? Seems backwards, i.e., shouldn't 2x graphics be tested at 1/2 size display so they look "normal sized"?

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