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Default Using IEM system to create wireless headphone system in studio


I'd like to use an IEM system like this:

but use a regular pair of headphones (I have samson sr850) instead of earbuds - so I can move around my studio without getting caught on wires.

Few questions

1. Would I be able to use the phones output on my steinberg ur22 to drive the IEM system? Can't use line outs as going to monitors.

2. This might sound daft but bear with me: I dont want to be cippling things to my belt and have wires hanging down my back, I just want to pick up the headphones and go so would it be feasible to clip the IEM receiver to the 2 struts of the headphones (using the belt clips and maybe a bit of tape or something) so it sits on top and then wrap the headphones wires up with the headphones (or cut the wire to shorten it for less mess) Might look daft but no-ones gonna see - it's just for at home.

Please note I only need this to practice my live act at home (singing, guitar, beat buddy) which go through my audio interface and into the headphones, and make the odd rough demo in Reaper. My main aim is to be able to enjoy myself and get a reasonable sound through the headphones. Wires completely ruin my enjoyment,

Just to save time please note I do not want to use wired headphones. I know they're better but being able to move around free is super important to me hence why I'm trying to find a hassle free solution to this (I already have an xvive u2 wireless system for my guitar which is great - just gotta lose the headphone wire now)


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