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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Heh, I made sure to save the information somewhere so that I could look it up again, I lost so much time figuring it out...

I suppose that depends on what you want to do..

If just cloning the Linux partition onto another one, I'd use rsync:

This program is great. You can do nearly anything with it.

If you are moving your Linux install to a new sdd, I'd create a couple of small partitions to install the OS into and the rest to keep your user data in. Mine is basically setup with a smallish partition for / (root), a small partition for swap, and most of the disk dedicated to ~ (the home dir). In addition I have a couple of partition to use for /, so I can have a backup in case something goes wrong updating the distro, or to install other distros in. Like that I can easily check some distro out and still have all my data available.

You could also alternatively connect another sdd, use rsync to clone your ~ to the new disk, delete the old ~, and finally mount the new disk in /home/yourusername. Like that you keep the install and have the entire disk available for data.

There are so many ways to do this, that it's hard to give advice..

There is also gparted and other programs that could shrink your windows partition and increase your linux partition. But this might be dangerous and I'm not very comfortable recommending it. I managed to kill a windows7 install once like that. For linux that would be no problem, but windows can be finicky about it...
I've already killed a 1TB NTFS drive playing around, but fortunately I had a backup and was able to restore it. I was playing around with DejaDup which uses rsync in the background I believe, and I had made a backup of just my home folder from Linux onto my 1TB NTFS drive. DejaDup has an option to restore to a different location, so being the risk taker that I am, I created a home folder on the 1TB NTFS drive and told DejaDup to restore to that folder. It tried to, but then started throwing out error messages that the disk was full. I knew that was not the case, and aborted out. The next time I booted into Windows, I got a message that scandisk needed to run, and then I saw it *fixing* things for me. When I got fully booted into Windows, my 1TB drive had a single .dat file on it and nothing else.

I would *like* to steal some space from Windows by shrinking the volume, and then let gparted grow the Linux volume, but my gut tells me that's too risky for even my blood. I'll probably grab another 250GB EVO somewhere down the line and just clone the Linux side to it, then let Windows have back the 30GB I stole from it to install Linux.
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