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Originally Posted by Fritz View Post
What is happening here is that my firewire interface reports the latency back to Reaper or whatever program for the analog I/O. Since I mainly use a better external converter I have to compensate for the extra latency of the external converter hooked up to the adat ports on my interface.

The 98 samples goes in the input samples box to compensate the audio tracks

The +6ms and the -6ms go in the input and output ms boxes to compensate the midi. These numbers cancel out in the latency calculation so the midi moves without effecting the audio tracks

If you do not have a problem with audio offset, then you could just enter numbers for midi offset but there would have to be a value of + or - something so that audio offset would not be messed up
Thanks for that. However, I just did some testing, and even with a bunch of ms's added to the output offset, the midi doesnt actually move considerably compared to where it was placed before this. I just tried -200.00 ms output and 200.00 ms input and no dice. What the heck am I doing wrong now then. Bah. Never an early night.
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