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Originally Posted by maxdis View Post
This is true but, if for example, let's say Steinberg one day decided to stop supporting Cubase, all the whole DAW would stop working at a precise OS update, there would be no strange and sudden bugs in some specific features, besides all the users would be warned in time and would be able to look for alternatives. Certainly there will always be VSTs that will stop being supported by their developers, this is a common problem for all DAWs, but I believe that in Reaper there are too many features scattered among external developers, and this could create many problems. Personally I try to use as few scripts and extensions as possible, but periodically I notice strange bugs, actions that no longer work as before, settings that have changed mysteriously; in this forum there are people who use dozens and dozens of customizations and extensions, building entire workflows around them, and I wonder how reliable this can be, when there are so many variables that can interact in unpredictable ways.

Certainly, but what if a new version comes out with some important bug fixes, or with some new features that could be very useful for your workflow?
Well, big software companies are going for the subscription service direction, this is the way to force customers to pay forever, much more effective than offering paid updates. My point is, if my actual computer configuration works flawlessly for what i do, why do i have to be hungry about updates? In the specific case of audio production, my computer is not different from the studio outboard, if it works I'll keep it as is. As long as i use software that doesn't force the computer to be connected to the internet, i'm not in the updating loop and i don't feel forced to change.
A different story would be if the software forces my computer to be on the internet and in that situation the first priority is to be as safe as possible and using an up to date OS and related software and in that scenario i'd be the first to pretend up to date compatibility from the developers and Reaper allows to be off line, so if something is not working with newer version i keep the working one.
In the case of the Reaper's API, you are offered the chance to use Reaper's already existing features in a custom way, if you need it, use it, if you don't, forget it. i have some customization that works after several upgrades, i would not base my job on something that doesn't work. If Playtime is useful to you as it is today, then keep using it.
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