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Default Item RULER color behavior EXPLAINED

Hello, all! Just wanted to post to let users know about the color setting lowdown for the
new 'Media Item Ruler' feature.
It can obviously be setup using REAPER's theme tweaker, where the feature inherits it's
color and font attributes from the headings:
'Floating Media Item Label'
'Floating Media Item Label (Selected)'
'Media Item Label Font'
Pretty much all is self-explanitory, except for one thing.....where the heck is the ruler
getting it's color from !!! It is clearly altered by changing the color settings outlined above, but with very unpredictable
outcomes.....well worry no more, I figured it out, and you can take solace in the fact that you will be able to
figure out (if still a bit tricky) a setting which does not drive you nuts!!
So here it is - one .png image with instructions, illustrations, and justice for all.

If this mechanism has already been discussed somewhere in a FR thread or some other place,
please, forgive me my trespasses, and as always, have fun recording, mixing, mastering, post-producing,
remixing, and obsessing over your art, and cheers! (I will investigate and answer any queries arising from this.)


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