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Thank you for the tip. I will try ...

I saved the "Item: Render items to new take (preserve source type)" action under Toolbar 2.
When I run "Toolbar: Open toolbar 2 at mouse cursor" from action lists, it works.
Then I insert Toolbar 2 under Preset 1 in Contextual Toolbars / Arrange / Track Lane / Item / Audio Item.
The action "SWS / BR: Open / close contextual toolbar under mouse cursor, preset 1" will be saved on keyboard under "C". Use the "C" key to activate the Contextual toolbar, click the "Item: Render items to preserve source type" button and nothing is rendered.

It also occurred to me that maybe Reaper does not know which directory to render in this action. But all paths are set correctly.

I will try to reinstall SWS, but I have the same situation on two computers.

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