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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Will it hurt to create an account with e-mail-address just for this ?

Thanks again,
They'll send occasional product announcements,
and various discount or bundle offers,
maybe some video links on occasion.

When you first run a newly installed product,
you'll be asked if you want to register at that time.
Your product account keeps track of serial numbers,
and digital ID numbers, which you cut/paste to register.
Handy to have on file when you get a new computer.

Having to register a freebie seems odd to some,
but it helps them gauge musician interest, and over the years,
the beancounters can colate the sales data with demo use,
and steer product developements to
products that people will want to own.

the CS in the name, is a 'Custom Shop' where you can
buy sounds ala-carte, so if it's just a Martin guitar you want,
you don't pay drums and keys and brass etc

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