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Anyone have fast internet, and want a cool freebie to test?
IK Multimedia have a free version of their just-released-today

Differences from the massive 50-gig full version,
is it offers 50 sounds out of 50-gig,
and (I think?) the freebie samples may lack round-robin,
but it includes all 38 effects found in the full version,
and 5 of the total can be used on each track, as is the case
with the SampleTank 3 effects section.

So no noisebursts, sound dropouts, or restarts, as in some freebies.
While at it, SampleTank 3 also has a free version, different sounds etc
but the Syntronic sounds can be imported in ST3, and the Syntronix installer
will place it's sounds in a SampleTank 3 path, or create it
as part of the install, I assume.
(EDIT: 4 layers appears to be the norm in Syntronics, it's Sampletank 3
that offers 16 layers, EDIT #2 I think that each layer in a Syntronik
preset, when imported into SampleTank, will occupy one of the 16
layers available in SampleTank, so if you had made four Syntronik presets
each having four layers, you would have filled all 16 Sampletank slots.

Users are starting to post their actual experiences,
at page 61 of a kvr forum topic (at the link)

If the install and reg are found in working order for linux users,
it will be another chink in Kontakts armour. I registerd IK's Ampltube 4 freebie, so fingers crossed for these also.

@David: thanks for mentioning the new wine! Hope you can try,
and enjoy the freebies!

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