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Originally Posted by TonE View Post
Hey romick, cool to have you here! Maybe you can share in a new thread about the typical workflow in your field? So we can learn from you, plus we might have improvement ideas for those workflows. Win, win. It would be great. Having concrete examples and tasks, from real world is of course always much better than some theoretical tricks here.
I will have to give that some serious thought. I have met and picked the brains of some of the engineers at Audible Studios and know a lot of VO artists who use Reaper to record and produce from their home studios. IMHO, Reaper is ideally suited for VO production.

I'm still making tweaks and refinements to my own work flow and mastering process. But, yeah, I'd be willing to share what I've learned and would very much like to learn from all of you out there.

Problem is finding the time. Right now, I'm working on 3 audiobooks simultaneously in different stages of completion, with a few more coming down the pike.
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