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Default Hey Kenny, would you consider doing one like this?

Complete newbie here. Looking for a tutorial that will help all newbies in the pre production up to the end of having the initial bed tracks laid down and initial markers in place. With a focus on such things as -- focusing on click track (standard tick tock sounds or minimal drum/shaker/conga/brushes kind of thing), thinking about the finer points of click inluding whether 16th notes or 8th notes, deciding on tempo, and time signature, brain storming about pre roll, brain storming how much intro space to leave in the pre roll in case you want to ad a longer intro (and also thinking about standard intro techniques -how long etc.), Laying down a scratch track / guide track, then over dubbing the initial keeper bed-tracks over the guides .... then initial markers. And including a bit more in depth thought about bars and measures in relation to the markers process.

If you have done anything that concentrated more on this phase of the process or if you could recommend another tutorial similar to this wold you let me know? If a tutorial were to be done that concentrated on this particular phase of the recording process what might it me called?

Or alternatively, would you consider doing one like this?



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