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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
Not sure what others are using, but I just use the free Notepad app in Windows.
You can also use Wordpad.
The equivalent to that in OSX would be Textedit, but you need to save as plain text in either one of those.

You can try something like the free Notepad++ if you want a more powerful app to help navigate the coding.

@ estux
don't let that put you off finishing the theme.
It will be much easier to go back and modify the theme to adjust to the new Reaper version than the actual creation of the theme.
Time you put into it now will not be wasted.
I suggest that you keep a separate folder with any parts (layers) used to make buttons or other images.
Example: buttons
- plain button backgrounds
- text layers
- button shadows (these are usually overlays, but can be part of the actual button)
- button flares (these are usually overlays, but can be part of the actual button)

Thank you very much for the tips, I'll take a look to your themes, I wasn't sure if the files/folder structure is flexible or not, some nice organization will help me keeping things under control.
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