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Originally Posted by Fergler
Yes, but not at that scale. Scaled down to match what Reaper actually looks like on my screen those buttons are too small and the contrast too low.
The OP stated it will be for HiDPI screens.
Are you running a HiDPI monitor?
If so, what size?
This would be helpful information for the OP.

Originally Posted by Fergler
As a general rule never put text darker than the overall background over a lighter button. The effect is straining. You should try lighter text over an even darker button (invert the button values, essentially). Already, your Input 1 part is doing this and it is much easier to read and use.
Except in this case, where you want a muted image there and only noticeable if active or 'lit', which the Input field is.
The concept is that anything not being used is 'muted' or not calling attention to itself.
There should be no eye strain because your not constantly reading it as you scan the panel.
This in turn helps the active or 'lit' buttons and labels be easier to see or spot quickly.

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