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looks nice!
Curious to see what the MCP/mixer lloks like.
Originally Posted by estux
I don't even know if all these is doable in Reaper... e.g. the volume faders, or the knobs, yeah I need to do some research...
You will need to Knob stacks to have the effect of a sweeping line on the fader or the Pan knobs.
most use Knobman
You might be able to find a ready use knob in the Knobman Gallery
you may need to give the gallery a minute or 2 to load.

Originally Posted by Funkybot
Looks very good but a lot of darker themes seem to want to put dark elements on top of dark backgrounds and ultimately suffer due to a lack of contrast. For example the FX button: dark gray on a darker gray. Id suggest getting a bit more contrast there. But otherwise, it really looks very nice.
Looks fine to me.
The unlit FX button is less noticeable, yes, but that helps the lit FX button stand out even more.
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