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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
[...]just i've always thought that it would be very powerful to be able switch midi assignments on the fly, and more so, if it happens in context of whats going in reaper - and all this osc business seems to make it possible.

also my one thought was about the reaper native joystick as control support, and changing those assignments via osc.[...]
Well, it was already possible to some extent, but getting feedback (which we are getting in the OSC bundle, so to speak) certainly makes it *much* more useful to set up modifiers.

For example, the top row of encoders of my BCR-2000 has two controllers: one one/off switch when you push on top, and another for rotating, with a LED ring to indicate current value. I made the switch button into a modifier for various things, e.g. to switch between pan and pan 2 values: as long as you press it down, you are controlling pan 2 instead of pan 2. The cool thing about getting feedback is that as soon as I push it, it immediately shows the value of pan 2, even if I don't turn the knob. Another thing I did was make a modifier for the knobs that control track volume, so that they switch to VU meters (not really useful to me, but still a neat effect).

And with all the feedback we're already able to get from REAPER, we can certainly make much more complicated context aware controller setups.
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