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I've been using an S1 with Reaper since the beginning of the year. I really like it, but unfortunately getting Eucon to work in Reaper does take some leg work. You can either use CSI ( or Geoff's old Eucon extension from a few years back ( CSI still has a a lot of yet to be fixed automation bugs that make it unusable for me, so I mostly stick with the old extension. It works well for the most part, but there some things that don't work. Here's a rundown:
  • Pan graphs, EQ graphs and Dynamics Graphs don't work
  • Gain reduction meters don't work
  • VCA spill doesn't work
  • track colors from Reaper are not displayed properly in Eucon
  • Automation display is limited to four modes: off, read, write, and read/write. Tracks that are in trim/read mode in Reaper will show as off in Eucon, tracks that are in touch, latch, or latch-preview in Reaper will show as read/write in Eucon. (The CSI version can show latch and touch, but as I said it has lots of other problems with automation)
  • Eucon Layouts work, but getting them to save and load with projects is a little buggy
  • When using the old Eucon extension, adding and deleting tracks will cause Reaper to freeze momentarily (same goes for adding/deleting sends and fx, as well as switching project tabs)
  • Plugin mapping on the old Eucon extension is really great, but is a little tough to figure out. Making your own plugin maps requires a separate app that Geoff made which is windows only and is not very well documented. If you comb through this old thread you may be able to figure out how it works:
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