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Question Control surface without feedback

I've got my Alesis VI-61 working with REAPER. Knobs controlling track volumes using soft take-over which I think is a great feature; buttons controlling track arm mute and solo; group 15 controlling selected tracks, group 16 controlling last touched track.

Because there is no feedback, if I leave some tracks armed, muted or solo'd when I save a project, when I fire the whole rig up again, all the button LEDs on the keyboard/controller are off, so do not match the state of the controls in REAPER.

No big deal, I can toggle the controls off using the mouse, but it makes me smack my forehead and say "D'oh!". I could be very disciplined and toggle them all off before saving (unlikely),or.....

I have a cunning plan, my Lord. What if I had a script that turned off all track arms, mutes and solos and got it to run on project close?

Anyone done this, or anyone got an even more cunning plan?
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