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Originally Posted by Retro Audio Enthusiast View Post
It's not a myth.

Equally, put a gain plugin before and after each plugin and boost by +24 then cut after it by -24. See how your music sounds.
It will sound perfectly fine if the gain is linear using reapers defaults... Look ma' rendered @+34 dbFS and completely recoverable... Just so everyone is aware, I could have gone to about +1000dBFS and still been fine @32bit float. (Reapers internal default is 64 bit FYI).

I get what you are trying to say and agree but only to a point because specifics matter greatly and you are talking about several different things all at once.

As I hinted in one of my first posts, bad habits will cause fader chasing, and it's generally a bad workflow idea etc. but while in the DAW it is not damaging the audio unless it is a non-linear plugin. "How it sounds is" is irrelevant to ITB once it passes through the converters. So, I agree that the habit yields likely better results and less work but while in the DAW, it is not hurting the audio in the way the "old myth" thinks it is from an analog perspective, so it is very important that we separate exactly which "things" we want to talk about with gain staging. Because analog gain staging and changing levels in the DAW are NOT the same thing.

FWIW, your search term was just "gain staging" with zero regard to things like the above so of course you'll get millions of hits, you'll still get them by adding ITB and/or DAW but at least then, some good research will bear out what I'm saying, if you can get all the myth noise out of the way.
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