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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
When using a (e.g. tube-) preamp to create some "color" by driving it "hot", this is dedicated analogue processing. If doing so, you need to use an output control of the preamp....
True but I'm not discussing -18dB or digital in the sentence you quoted FWIW. On second thought though, if the mic is low output, the pre isn't actually running hot, it's just potentially noisier from having to crank it, making the entire run hot/output knob part irrelevant anyway.

Kenny's video IIRC is a no-nonsense method for beginners to get usable levels which is perfectly good; there is no -18dbFS peak rule but there is a -18dbFS RMS result (or whatever that reference value is on your sound card). My RME is actually -19 dB FS RMS if memory serves for example - but I never actually use any of these numbers, I just set the damn gain on my pre and make sure it doesn't clip.
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