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Originally Posted by Tomm View Post
of course Kenny G has a great tutorial on this:

...and note the meters are not showing RMS values but PEAKS, he's just going for an average peak at around -18 (but no greater than -12). It's just a simpler technique for newbies than breaking out all this RMS stuff, which of course can be vastly different depending on the source and meters you are using.
Yes, that' his newbie how do you set levels video and it's main message is don't clip the converters. And "average peak" is an interesting choice of words. However, think of what RMS is and then which instruments would easily exceed that by 18 dB SPL when playing them. I'm not saying you should go for -18 dbFS RMS, I'm saying that if you use your gear within it's prescripted range, most things will take care of themselves.
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