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Originally Posted by Tomm View Post
Actually that IS the suggestion. Practice the loudest part of the performance, PEAK at -18dbFS, record at 24-bit.

Getting into RMS is just asking for trouble and is really not necessary.
I don't disagree agree with being conservative but if you run your analog gear in it's nominal range, you'd have to peak it beyond +18 dB analog to peak in the DAW above zero. Meaning, one should be able to sanely record at -18 dbFS RMS in most cases, until you get "that guy" on snare and so on. So with 0 dBVU being *roughly* the same as -18dB FS RMS, it's hard to call that not necessary. Again, no problem with being conservative but calling it unnecessary isn't quite right for what is actually the nominal range.

Beyond that, many do conflate -18dBFS RMS with -18dBFS but where sound card references are concerned it's dBFS RMS.
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