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Originally Posted by ChristopherT View Post
There is no -18dbFS myth
Just for clarity there is one myth (which I hope has pretty much died out by now), there's a super long thread over on GS about it if memory serves and it has to do with people thinking their mixes are magically better if they manually set all their item levels to -18 dbFS RMS which is a complete myth. Obviously, there is a benefit if one is organized with their levels which results in less work and ultimately a less messy way to get to the result but there is no sonic magic going on.

The idea that a sound card manufacturer has to leave some wiggle room for audio gear is not a myth, it's just common sense. IOW, if they made zero dBVU = 0dBFS RMS then as soon as your analog gear went over 0 dBVU you'd be clipping in the DAW which would be silly and a bad design. So what do they do? They offset the two "zeros" with enough distance to handle the average amount analog gear can exceed 0 dBVU.
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