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Originally Posted by talustalus View Post
Thx. Are you saying 24-bit recording maintains resolution even at low input signal recording?
it maintains MORE resolution, sure

Imagine recording a sine wave at a low level in both 16 and 24-bit. the 24-bit version will be more accurate because there are more "steps" to represent the shape

how much noise floor being audible is acceptable
That's up to you, but what you should be concerned with is noise-to-signal ratio.

if you move the example on the right up or down (raise and lower the gain) it won't really make a difference because the signal-to-ratio will be the same, you would just be raising and lowering both the noise and signal, and when mixing it'll end up being about the same anyways.

what isn't shown in this graphic is there are other things that contribute to the noise, like that preamp maybe gets noisier at higher gain settings making the signal-to-noise ratio lessened. so you can't just use numbers and meters to figure this stuff out, you gotta experiment.

The SM7B needs a lot of gain on most voices, so the preamp needs to be pretty high quality. or try to sing louder or closer to it to raise the signal-to-noise ratio.
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