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Originally Posted by serr View Post
If you know ahead of time what the absolute highest level hitting your preamp will be, you can simply set a level to not hit 0 or go over.

If you don't know that ahead of time - because you are recording something new and aren't clairvoyant - shooting for -18 should keep you distortion free even if a few surprises come along.

That's the main point. An rms target level that should result in the loudest peaks not going over.

You seem to be having the opposite problem! So... no problem at all (with clipping peaks)!
Curious. You singing into an SM-7 or something?
Thx. Yeah, I guess another part to my question is -- how much noise floor being audible is acceptable? Maybe a little is normal, because I'm sure it won't stick out in a mix (it's at like -66dBFS), and could be treated in mixing anyway.

I am using an SM7B in this example.
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