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Originally Posted by Tomm View Post
If you are getting better results recording low and then raising it later, then go for it.

The -18dbFS things is not a rule, just a good guideline to give folks enough headroom. It's to teach people to not go too hot into the recorder because 0dbFS will sound really horrible and there's no recovering from that. So play it a bit safer and aim for lower.

The only issue going very low, like peaking around -30dbFS, is you may start to notice a lack of resolution or precision in the audio, and you can introduce additional noise from the noise floor of your recording chain. For this reason 24-bit recording is a bit better off, because typically at that bit depth the converters are less noisey along with of course giving more resolution.

But again, if you found the best way to get clean audio with minimal noise, then that's obviously your best choice.
Thx. Are you saying 24-bit recording maintains resolution even at low input signal recording?
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