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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
So what do you make of these loopback times that Jack posted?

This line is of most interest to me, "64/2 128 + 256 ~ 8.7ms", because with my PCI cards I am running in Linux 64 samples latency with 2 buffers with a reported latency from REAPER of around 3ms. The loopback test Jack had me do using ReaInsert showed a reported latency of 192 samples, but the ping test came back with 206. I'm not sure how much that translates into ms, but if getting a USB sound device will not be as tight as my system feels right now, it would be somewhat of a downgrade except for more inputs on a single device.
I'm vastly guessing Jacks numbers are due to the driver not being written by RME?

44.1k = 44,100/1000 = 44.1 samples per ms = 192 samples/44.1 = 4.3 ms. I've not followed these threads so who knows what I'm missing.
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