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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Not a Linux guy and may be beating a dead horse but the above is the thing that most sync mechanisms can't address. They can 'sync' but they can't initially 'align' to ensure frame 1 device 1 is aligned with frame 1 device 2, but whatever it is will stay synced after that - I have the same issue with when syncing multiple devices in windows so it's always smart to keep phase-sensitive channels on the same device FWIW. IOW, when I mic drums OH/Kick/Snare go through the same device.

In my testing, this misalignment will also vary with subsequent playback/record attempts.
I get different results each time I perform the sticks click test. You put me onto the right path a while back that it was the start of record time that wasn't matching. Since then, I've learned to deal with it pretty well now that I know what exactly is going on.

I was toying with the idea of getting a Behringer UMC1820 so I'd have a lot of inputs from one device, but Jack pointed me to a test he did in Linux, which showed the "monitoring thru" latency of USB devices in Linux. Since the only time I ever use four inputs at the same time is when recording acoustic drums, I think for the time being that I will stick with my old dinosaur Delta cards that were made back when Windows 98 walked the Earth.

When recording drums I now check the alignment the moment I finish recording, and find some loud snare hit and some loud kick hit to use as my visual timing marks. Only takes a few seconds to hand align, if it needs it, which about 25% of the time it doesn't. That is what was messing with my head before knowing what was going on too, because sometimes I'd record drums and they would sound full and robust, and other times they would sound wimpy and thin.
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