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The alignment issue isn't due to latency. It's due to the two cards not kicking into record at the exact same precise moment, so there is drift of the start time, but no drift otherwise.
Not a Linux guy and may be beating a dead horse but the above is the thing that most sync mechanisms can't address. They can 'sync' but they can't initially 'align' to ensure frame 1 device 1 is aligned with frame 1 device 2, but whatever it is will stay synced after that - I have the same issue with when syncing multiple devices in windows so it's always smart to keep phase-sensitive channels on the same device FWIW. IOW, when I mic drums OH/Kick/Snare go through the same device.

In my testing, this misalignment will also vary with subsequent playback/record attempts. Glenn, wasn't it you and I that went over the same issue with the same devices in your Windows setup or was that someone/something else?
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