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Originally Posted by eric71 View Post
Maybe about 6 years ago I was recording an ep with a drummer friend and was trying to improve what I could do. I had an Alesis Multimix 4 USB which could do two channels at once. He had some sort of edirol usb device that could also do 2 channels. The answer was to use something included with Jack called "alsa_in". I know there are newer things like netjack, but I believe alsa_in and alsa_out are still there. I was using Reaper in wine at the time, but it should work the same if you are using native Linux Reaper with jack. I remember the options in starting alsa_in were a bit confusing, but some googling will help there. I'm sure some old questions of mine are still floating around the internet somewhere, and I got the answers I needed at the time. And 4 tracks of Glyn Johns style drums.
I use the RecorderMan setup, which is a variation of Glyn Johns method, but moves the side fill mic to over the right shoulder. Then in addition to those two mics, I use dedicated kick and snare mics.

I tried using ALSA with the latest version of REAPER, but I couldn't get midi to work. I suspect that it was locked by some other process. Jack audio is giving me stellar results, but currently only sees one of the two M-Audio Delta 2496 cards.
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