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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Getting both cards to work in REAPER would be the most beneficial thing for me at this point, as it seems latency is every bit as good as it ever was in Windows. Being able to record four simultaneously tracks of my acoustic drums would be another major breakthrough event for me.
Maybe about 6 years ago I was recording an ep with a drummer friend and was trying to improve what I could do. I had an Alesis Multimix 4 USB which could do two channels at once. He had some sort of edirol usb device that could also do 2 channels. The answer was to use something included with Jack called "alsa_in". I know there are newer things like netjack and zita_ajbridge, but I believe alsa_in and alsa_out are still there. I was using Reaper in wine at the time, but it should work the same if you are using native Linux Reaper with jack. I remember the options in starting alsa_in were a bit confusing, but some googling will help there. I'm sure some old questions of mine are still floating around the internet somewhere, and I got the answers I needed at the time. And 4 tracks of Glyn Johns style drums.
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