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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Otherwise do the following:

1. Install a lowlatency kernel, should be in your repos.

2. Make sure that you reconfigure the system so that you get the ability to run realtime threads and lock memory. Normally accomplished by editing a file called limits.conf in /etc/security (the details might wary slightly depending on your distro). add the following and login again:
your-username - rtprio 98
your-username - memlock unlimited

3. Verify that the above worked by running the command ulimit -a

4. Make sure that JACK is running realtime (preferably at priority 80), this is pretty easy if you are starting it with qjackctl.
I've done 1 thru 3, but at #4 I'm stuck. I let REAPER fire up Jack with the following command,

/usr/bin/jackd -dalsa -dhw:M2496,0 -r44100 -p128 -n2 -Xseq

Should changing it to this with the added -R switch be all that's needed,

/usr/bin/jackd -R -dalsa -dhw:M2496,0 -r44100 -p128 -n2 -Xseq

or is that even necessary since it says the default is already realtime?

Issuing jackd by itself comes back with this

Usage: jackdmp [ --no-realtime OR -r ]
[ --realtime OR -R [ --realtime-priority OR -P priority ] ]
(the two previous arguments are mutually exclusive. The default is --realtime)


OK, THAT made some difference! I can play my test song now without a pop or crackle at 64 samples latency. That's how I always ran this machine in Windows with REAPER and it looks like I can do it in Linux now after those last tweaks.
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