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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
I might be wrong, but I think AV Linux comes with a realtime kernel as default. At least it used to.
After extensive testing, I've removed Airwave from my system, and LinVST is all that remains. With no alteration to the stock Xubuntu install, I can run Windows VST/VSTi plugins for the most part at 128 samples latency.

I say for the most part meaning before lots of other plugins get added for mixing a stereo master. Loading my test song which has 12 softsynths plus 54 additional FX (all Windows VST/VSTi) across 25 tracks, and it can't play without artifacts at 128 samples.

Doing tracking on a new song however should be no problem at 128 samples, and I can easily run like that until a song gets really loaded up.

I did also install the distro version of the low latency kernel issuing a "sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency". Can't say that I see any difference good or bad so far, but it didn't break anything so I'm leaving it for now.
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