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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Well this is all something in progress, I'm sure it can be made better, and who knows maybe cockos will write a kick ass wrapper to host windows plugs on linux. B)

But I'm also sure that part of the problem is using ubuntu and not having done the necessary tuning to get lower latency.

Who knows, maybe when 2020 rolls around we'll have what you need!

Do report the problem with loading of patches to osxmidi, maybe he can figure out what is wrong with that plugin in linvst.
So right this moment I have the native Linux U-He "Repro-5" instrument plugin running with only 64 samples latency. No pops or crackles, and extreme tight response.

This is on an un-tweaked Xubunutu with the stock kernel. As long as I'm not trying to emulate Windows for Windows plugins, I'm getting stellar performance.

Using native Linux instrument plugins appears to be many many times more efficient than running emulated Windows plugs. I'm hoping that Justin will whip out some of his voodoo magic on making a real efficient compatibility layer for Windows plugins or plugin makers will start including Linux as an included platform.
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