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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
You can try some of the u-he linux vsts. New betas: and the old ones: or maybe pianoteq:

What distro, what did you do to prepare it for low latency, and what kind of soundcard?

Also try reaper with the ALSA driver for midi and audio, that would exclude JACK from the equation.

Edit: But rereading your msg, it's apparently windows vsts that cause your problem, so maybe try linvst instead of airwave?
I'm running plain Jane Xubuntu with no tweaks for audio. I use a pair of M-Audio Delta 2496 soundcards, and the machine is a dual boot Xubuntu/Win7 i5.

I tried using ALSA, but couldn't get midi to work. I did however experiment with manually creating a couple of measures of midi with my mouse, and just like with Jack, ALSA needed 512 samples of latency or REAPER would hang up. If I set ALSA to 256 with a midi instrument on a track and hit play, REAPER becomes unresponsive. Do the same thing at 512 samples, and it plays without any artifacts.

I plan to try LinVST, and just haven't yet since it seems like from what I've read, will require a lot of hand copying, and typing commands in a terminal window. Airwave had a .deb or whatever they are installer and it put everything where it needed to go for me.

Should I completely remove Airwave before trying LinVST? I'm not even sure I would know how to remove it, since an installer installed it for me.

What I would prefer to try if possible is to have both installed, where I could do some A/B comparisons and then only keep the one that performs the best.

I plan to try some midi instruments that don't have to jump through so many hoops to see what that is like as well. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.
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