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I've never managed to get airwave working, have only tried linvst. I would suggest trying linvst too, to see if it works better. Seeing how these bridges work, I think one can't really expect it to work as well as in windows, on the other hand 512 sounds very high, and it's definitively not normal that the entire linux box would hang and require a reset..

I think we'll need to see how all this plays out on the long term, but IMO windows vst(i)s ought to be ok in reaper for mixing, and most likely many of them ought to work for live monitoring, but it's hard to say to what point and how well..

One question is what have you done to optimize your system, can you memlock and run rt priority threads? Have you installed a lowlatency or realtime kernel?

You can also try to use reaper without jack, as it can handle both audio & midi directly via alsa nowdays.

I also did submit a patch for linvst that would improve it's realtime performance but it never got included in the code, and now it's changed so much that the patch is useless. But I kind of lost interest seeing that I wrote code for nothing

To sum it up, I think on the long term we can probably get quite far with the performance of windows vsts on linux, but it's never going to be as good as on native windows (which is natural), native linux plugins will always have a performance edge. What remains to be seen is how far someone can take the performance and what will be possible or not.
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