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Originally Posted by K8ch View Post
Well, what I mean is that I cannot add my own fields, which I'd very much like to do.

Some examples would be...fields like: "splits", "IPI #", "ISWC #", "Public Domain ?", "type of vocal", "In the style of:", "Instrumentation", "Cue Type", "PRO member #"....

Metadata is defined as a set of public, open formats, like ID3, BWF, etc. Whatever fields exist in those formats are what exists. For most formats, there is no way to make up fields. For some formats, we could add our own made-up fields, but because those fields aren't part of the standard, there's no other software that would know to look for the new fields.

You can add anything you want in the "comment" field of some metadata formats, and some schemes have a flexible field like TXXX for ID3 where you can enter something like "producer=schwa". We could also add flexible fields for the IXML format, but again, there's no other software that would display it.
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