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To chime in here, maybe it would be helpful to have an action, that sets the Metadata to the last rendered file.

So I could change the metadata after the rendering in the Render to File-dialog, like correcting typos, etc, hit apply and run the action that writes just the metadata to the file again.
And the action would use the metadata from the current project and write that to the file. Maybe an action as well, which let's you select the file, into which to write the metadata, if the last one rendered isn't the one who needs the new metadata.
I'm not sure, whether it would also be a good idea to have a function like "ApplyMetaDataToFile(filename)", but this could allow things like a metadata-manager written in ReaScript.

Using the batchconverter would be possible but clearly overkill for such things. Especially as it's not that easy to ReaScript the batchconverter(I'm currently attempting that and it has some issues, but these things would be better discussed in a FR or at least Nitpick, I think).
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