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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
1) Could you give an example, please?

2) You can use the batch converter to add/remove/change metadata on any media files.

1) Well...I gave 3 examples, but it might be helpful if I described a couple of likely scenarios:

Scenario 1:
I have an upbeat cue that I want to submit to a music supervisor.
The supervisor has provided a description of what he/she is looking for.
That description fits my song PERFECTLY, but I have not used some of the adjectives the supervisor had used, in his description.

That supervisor will likely use those same adjectives as his/her "search terms", to find the music that will fit.

I want to take those particular pieces of music that ARE appropriate, and re-write portions of the description/mood/keywords/whatever so that I use those same terms that the music supervisor used -to be sure that MY music comes up in that search.

If I use the free, "MP3tag" program, I can change make the needed changes to song metadata, pretty quickly.
"Mp3tag" shows me all the audio files in the folder, and their metadata.
So, I can move between the metadata of several songs, without having to load each one...and it makes changes very quickly.

Scenario 2:
I have a some whose metadata includes a "mood" category, and I've described a piece I wrote as, "dreamy".
A music supervisor said they wanted "romantic" music -which ALSO describes my "dreamy" music piece.
So, I want to tweak the "mood" metadata in my "dreamy" piece, to include the word, "romantic"...just so my music will be in the supervisor's search results.

2) Can you describe what you mean here?
This seems imprecise and a slow method...but I'm willing to be wrong.

No matter: Because the categories of information can't be tweaked as needed, we're left with only those categories the Reaper -thinks- we need.

The people at Reaper are absolutely exceptional at what they do. Period.
But, they're not necessarily out there in the world of music licensing, or publishing (as far as I know).

So, I'm not sure they'd know really understand exactly what's needed, for the various ways that people need to add metadata to their files.

I hope that helps!

Stay safe and well.


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