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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Done! No I had nothing running at the time. It's probably Pulse Audio, but I don't want to take that down because I have other things working real well that use it.
Just looked through the file, it just contains information about distro, kernel, alsa, modules loaded, soundcards detected, etc. No private information at all. It's a tool to allow alsa devs to get the information they need in one go, instead of having to ask the user piecemeal.

Regarding the command (in case it's PA), try "pasuspender -- aplay -v --dump-hw-params -fdat -d1 -Dhw:M2496 /dev/zero"

I see that your indexes moved again..:S Maybe that's why one of my earlier attempts failed, try this:

pcm.Multi {
    type multi;
    slaves.a.pcm "hw:M2496";
    slaves.a.channels 2;
    slaves.b.pcm "hw:M2496_1";
    slaves.b.channels 2;
    bindings.0.slave a; 0;
    bindings.1.slave a; 1;
    bindings.2.slave b; 0;
    bindings.3.slave b; 1;

    type hw;
    card "M2496";
Try: /usr/bin/jackd -P80 -S -dalsa -dMulti -r44100 -p64 -n2 -Xseq
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