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Default Docker image on DockerHub

Hi Ninjamers,

I added automated support for this workflow (GitHub + DockerHub):

Push Git Tag -> Linux Compile -> Create Release -> Add binary to the release -> Build Docker image from the release on DockerHub

Using forked from the official mirror GitHub repo:
Image is available in DockerHub

The description in the DockerHub repository is auto generated from the git and there is not much info, so here are some basic instructions:

$ docker run -v /path/to/ninjam/config.cfg:/usr/local/ninjam/config.cfg -p 2049:2049 --name ninjam zeppelinux/ninjam-server:v0.084

Out of the box configuration.cfg is a copy of example.cfg from the git repositiry, so it doesn't accept all network connections and not allowing anonymous login.

I'm plaining to create something (yaml's or Helm chart) for Kubernetes deployment as well.

NINJAM is awesome, appreciate the idea and the implementation very much!


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