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Thanks for you help everyone! If we could please continue this in the new thread.

I very much hope the new version will fix all these crash problems, very sorry about them, and make sure everyone is on the correct build/theme/script versions.

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
It was an unedited screenshot.
Then, with regret, I'm going to have to declare that as the fair compromise, because you can read the numbers, even though its ugly. The other side of that compromise would be to make every user lose (6 x track height) pixels, on every track. I'm very sure they wouldn't consider that worth it in order to make >100 track numbers look nicer.

Working within the constraints of the tools I have here, I'm afraid

Originally Posted by fladd View Post
Shouldn’t a default theme be for everyone, rather than an opinionated solution for a certain set of users? Isn’t the latter what the stash is for?
Not really, its the other way around. This is supposed to be the 'straight down the middle' solution, and the stash is for the users who it doesn't cover. I make 3rd party themes too, y'know?

Originally Posted by kavula View Post
and playback knob looks almost like square, is it intended?
Ooof, no. Could you check the new version and let me know if this persists please?

Originally Posted by BlackBart View Post
I'm wondering if it might be better to have the highlighting of selected CC lanes on indented child tracks stop at the left edge of the child track. (Instead of going all the way to the left) The idea is to keep the visual sense of a folder with all members lined up. As it is now, it looks somewhat like the selected CC lane is a folder for the tracks below it.
Yes absolutely, and yes you can do that in the script.

Originally Posted by hwhalen View Post
What are the 50% and 75% layouts used for?
If you are at 200% (retina) DPI, for example, you can use those layouts to get at the smaller (to you) sizes of 100% and 150%, for your less important tracks or if your eyesight is particularly awesome.

Originally Posted by mlprod View Post
I just dont thing that cut off numbers (in this case, or with the track numbers stated by others) is an acceptable thing for a default theme. Its not like a zoomed in transport AND using HH:MM:SS:FF rulers is a super unusual corner case either...
That's not the corner case, the corner case is that AND a big-ass rate fader. Your screenshot doesn't include that so I can't tell if that applies to you, but if you go to the latest version it is now defaulting to a knob, which I hope will solve the problem for you.

The thing I can do here, that I have done in the past, is to aggressively hide stuff if there's even the slightest chance of smooshing. This disadvantages users who wouldn't have got smooshing, who are now wondering where the hell their selection values went This is compounded by me increasing the size of the selection text, in response to user requests, so the smooshing happens sooner and is more egregiously ugly.

Reaper doesn't report to the theme what the time mode is, doesn't report the draw length of the text and draws it at very different lengths anyway because of font mismatches across different OSes.

I'll have another look at this, but ultimately it comes down to me removing the option for the user to solve the problem by putting a massive safety margin in my 'OK, now just hide it' calculation, to save my blushes even though the ugly thing happens for only a subset of users. The thing is, my instinct is that the Reaper way would be more to allow it to look bad, and leave it for you to fiddle with the rate fader size / control hiding buttons in the script to solve the problem yourself.

I'm unsure what the right thing to do is on this.
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