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Just wanted to share how I customized the toolbars with this theme to improve my particular workflow, which is general music production and I think should work well for a lot of people IMO. Might provide Blank Files or other people some ideas. I'm really happy with this particular setup at the moment.

Some things got moved around to improve workflow, group like items, or reduce mousing, other things were added, some things removed.

Main toolbar left to right....

{left-hand section}
Moved these to the left so they're closer to the TCP. Makes inserting tracks easier here.

1. Insert Virtual Instrument on new track
2. Custom action to folder selected tracks and name the folder
3. Sextan script to create VCA master from selection
4. Show monitoring FX chain (don't like that toggling that master fader changed the dock location so removed it)

5. Lock

{Main Section}
Made a lot of changes here to benefit a recording audio+virtual instruments workflow. Some things got moved around. Some things got removed (live configs, refresh control surfaces, open contextual toolbar). Quite a few new things were added (tried to bold them, hopefully I got them all).

1. Undo
2. Project Settings
3. Toggle metronome
4. SWS/AW: Toggle Count-in before recording (repurposed an icon)
5. Toggle show master track and tempo envelope

6. Adjust playrate options
7. Show FX browser (new icon - modified from RADO I believe)
8. Show/Hide Media Explorer
9. Show/Hide Track Manager
10. Toggle Mixer visible
11. Set/clear all tracks automatic record arm
12. Open toolbar #5 (Color)
13. View: Show performance meter
14. View: show navigator window (this is docked at the top in all screen sets - new, modified icon here)
15. Open toolbar 11 (waveform)
16. View: Crossfade editor window
17. Loop points: set to selection
18. Item: fit items to selection, looping if needed
19. Cycle track record monitor
20. Open marker list
21. Freeze to stereo (new icon)
22. Unfreeze tracks (new icon)

Main section continued (had to split up the images to fit the upload size constraints).

23. Toggle: Global FX Bypass (new icon)
24. Clear all peak indicators (new icon, modified from RADO)
25. Send all notes off to MIDI Outputs/plugins (new icon, panic button)
26. Reset all MIDI devices (repurposed icon)

27. Open close Toolbar 7 (Grid settings - moved this closer to grid icon)
28. Redo

{Main Toolbar Right-Hand Section}

I think the only additional change here (outside of moving the add track settings to the left-hand side) was putting the render project to the far right.

{MIDI Editor}

I think the changes here are the two new icons/actions to switch the view between Rectangles and Triangles (drum mode). Very handy for quickly going into drum mode.

Were the note icons for the grid there already? I think so, if not, I may have added those too.

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