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Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
If you're trying to set FX parameters by binding to something like "Adjust track FX parameter 01(MIDI CC/OSC only)" then what you need to do is make sure you click on the Param button at the top of the FX dialog and select "Show in track controls" then it should work.[...]
Well, that's how I got them to appear there as Track FX parameters. And I can set/get them just fine under their own name; but not as Track FX parameters using actions (also, when I use the Learn window from the TCP controls, it targets the plugin parameter directly under its own name) - when selecting a different track (with a different set of parameters as its Track FX parameters), the same control source sending the same OSC message to the same action should now target the Track FX parameters of the newly selected track, and not the parameters which happened to be the Track FX parameters of the previously selected track.

So my 'problem' (I'm just testing if this works; it would not generate feedback anyway) is simply that I can't get "Adjust track FX parameter 01(MIDI CC/OSC only)" to bind to an OSC message which includes an argument. But this set of actions simply needs to be provided an argument to do anything useful, but then it doesn't seem to listen when I give it one. So either I'm using the wrong pattern, or it doesn't work.

Have you successfully executed any actions taking arguments via OSC? (If so, what does the message look like?)
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