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Originally Posted by Kitarraman View Post
I'll try to do as you suggest too, I have one question for you though: if I want to send a message to all MIDI channels, what do I have to replace the first @ with?
Can you help understand how I can set a custom layout so I can use it as a controller for the mixer?
Thank you for your time

I took the liberty and modified the second page of your layout. I set it up to send MIDI data as OSC messages (only the Chris Hein page is modified). It's in the attached zip file.

To answer your question: I believe it's not possible to send MIDI to all channels directly from TouchOSC (pure MIDI or OSC). A workaround is to set up a routing path in Reaper by using auxiliary tracks and then maybe saving them as a template for future use. I made an example (showcases only the first 3 channels) and it's also in the attachment.

You basically have 1 track which receives pure MIDI from the Virtual MIDI keyboard (which is receiving OSC messages from TouchOSC and converting them them to MIDI).
Then you route this MIDI to 16 other tracks to each MIDI channel respectively.
Then you route all of these tracks to your receiving track (the one with the virtual instrument or the one which acts as a bus and sends to the virtual instrument tracks).

Hope this helps

EDIT: Forgot to correct my first post where I mistakenly wrote to replace the first @ with the channel number. When using OSC messages MIDI channels are 0-indexed as described in Default.ReaperOSC. This means for example that in order to send CC11 to channel 1 I had to assign this "/vkb_midi/0/cc/11" to the control.
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