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Originally Posted by BenjyO View Post
As a final note: You can also send pure OSC messages which get converted in REAPER to MIDI messages and then I beleive they get sent via REAPER'S built in "Virtual MIDI keyboard" to your track (I haven't yet tried sending MIDI that way). This method does not require the TouchOSC Bridge application. You would need to configure your TouchOSC layout differently though and this is more complex than the above-described option I believe. In TouchOSC Editor you would need to go to the OSC tab and there untick the "auto" checbox. In the input field below it you would then enter a message which is defined in the .ReaperOSC file you plan to use as the "translator". The Default.ReaperOSC file for example defines several ways to send a CC message. One of them is this one "i/vkb_midi/@/cc/@". You would ignore the "i" before the first foward slash and copy paste the rest into the input field on TouchOSC Editor. Then you would have to replace the first "@" with the MIDI channel you want this MIDI data to travel through and the second "@" with the CC number.

I hope this helps somehow Cheers!
I'll try to do as you suggest too, I have one question for you though: if I want to send a message to all MIDI channels, what do I have to replace the first @ with?
Can you help understand how I can set a custom layout so I can use it as a controller for the mixer?
Thank you for your time
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