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AHHH thank you! (and sorry, Breeder!). and thank you to the hapless guy who accidentally turned this feature on yday and presumably brought this issue to attention.

+1 for option. schwa, if the ME is docked vertically above REAPER in another monitor, for example, the old sync would still offcenter the zoom by a span of TCP width. this might be OK on larger screens, but it always felt a little funny when i tried it before to have zoom be a little offcenter to the right. unless both screens are the same size, the center line will be in a different place.

default docked MEs, though, should behave in the old manner for sure, since they're on the same monitor as Arrange and the center line is always in the same place.

one concern is that zooming is now laggier in the midi editor, and falls visibly behind the zooming in the arrange screen. i don't think it's bad enough to be a problem, and it doesn't appear to get worse based on how heavy the project is, but just a heads up.

this makes renostraws' zoom-adaptive grid script usable for me again, and may help others who struggle with entering midi items at the desired zoom.

i might actually return to using 2 monitors now and stop complaining about everyone using huge licecaps, screenshots, and script GUIs. i did check and my next laptop upgrade has higher resolution than 1366x768 (refurb bought in 2013 on which i've written 4 albums) so i'll be joining you people in the future's yesterday
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