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Using OSC would be neat.

It might be too big a project.

The custom plugin layouts in Klinkes Csurf were good, though Avid Icon consoles were really good at that.

If setup complexity can be reduced that would already help. More people would use it.

As for Reaper <-> OSC <-> Midi controllers,
that is a serious can of worms.

Aquisition of midi controls resources and then customisable ways of using them. For example having an action to "Control plugin 1 of currently selected track". This should present the parameter values on the predefined output capabilities of the mid device or any other for that matter.

You'd have the example I showed in my FR thread on this subject in post #1. That output command set could also be a separate OSC tablet, which I might use to show the parameters of the currently targeted olugin.

Midi knob to OSC, Reaper sends back plugin data via OSC and this magic thing sends whatever I told it to when THAT midi knob is being used.
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