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Default Save Project File without being driven mad macro

How many times have you done Ctrl S to save file, only that because you're on an FX window, up pops the box to save your FX Chain, not the project file.

Doesn't it drive you mad?

Well this little AutoHotKey macro keeps Ctrl S as context sensitive (so you can still use Ctrl S to specifically save your FX chain if you wish), but uses Ctrl Shift Q to ALWAYS save the project file. Of course you can use any key combo you like - I've assigned it to one of the orange button on my n52!

The macro makes the Main REAPER window active, then saves, then returns to whichever window you were in when you invoked the macro and makes that window active again.

;Ctrl Shift Q - Save File
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
WinGetActiveTitle, ActWin
WinWait, REAPER,
IfWinNotActive, REAPER, , WinActivate, REAPER,
WinWaitActive, REAPER ,
Send, {CtrlDown}s{CtrlUp}
WinActivate, %ActWin%
WinWaitActive, %ActWin%
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