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Default REAPER Macro Assistant - try it out

Here's something for you to try.

I'm hoping to bundle a Reaper Macro Assistant in with the next User Guide upgrade to Reaper 2.00

It's because I find the Keyboard Shortcut interface unwieldy, having to keep digging down into and out of dialog boxes to find what actions are available for inclusion in macros.

The Macro Assistant runs as independently of Reaper, it's a simple little stand-alone tool that just lets you browse, search, filter, sort, etc the list of assignable actions, hopefully to help work out your macros and familiarise yourself with what's available.

It requires dBworx, not because it's the best database manager around, but because it's freeware. You can get dBworx here. Note there's two versions, including one that you have to pay for. The free one is all you need:

And you can then download the Reaper Keys database and instructions to go with it from here:

Please have a play around, and feedback appreciated.

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